Term Loans

Working capital loans designed to help your business grow.

Term Loans

It is expected that during the lifecycle of your business you may end up needing a loan to take advantage of opportunities that help your business grow — that’s where we come in — Level Up Funding’s simple, quick, and effective short term financing is perfect for but not limited to the following:


  • Finance New ProjectsStart up costs of new projects can over-extend your business bank account, a scenario our loans are designed to prevent.
  • Operational CostsOur short term loan can cover costs associated with hiring new personnel or buying new equipment to help you realize ROI quicker.
  • Emergency Repairs and ServiceThings break unexpectedly and when they do you’ll will need quick and cost effective capital access - enter Level Up Funding
  • Cashflow BridgeWhatever the situation maybe, if your business is experiencing cashflow challenges now but can depend on money coming in later than we can provide the bridge

Level Up Funding offers simple, cost friendly and most importantly — effective — short term loans for opportunities your business shouldn’t have to miss out on.


Loan amounts from $5k - $500k

Automatic daily, weekly and bi/weekly payments

Term Lengths up to 12 months

What you need to know

before getting started:

Minimum Qualifications

550+ FICO

6+ months in business

$15,000 in monthly revenue


What You Need to Apply

Basic information collected either online or over the phone

Online bank connection or 6 months of most recent bank statements and month-to-date bank transaction report